OctaPack - Advantages and Benefits

significant cost savings due to reusability
outstanding strength and durability
long service life, many use cycles
rugged, withstands rough treatment
protects contents ideally from inclement weather
inner and outer surfaces fully moisture-resistant
multiple stackability
substantially reduces required storage floor space
sloped base and outlet ensure complete emptying
volume-saving nesting and storage when empty
no material accumulation in corners
sturdy twin-sheet base pallet
various lid designs available as options
extremely sturdy pallet feet, can be replaced individually
secure locking of sleeve wall
safe transport due to secure mounting on integrated pallet base

Available Features

pallet with integrated floor insert (PE REC, black)
collapsible container body made of structured-core panels (PP grey)
lid options:
BasicProtect: PC REC black
HeavyDuty: HDPE REC black
SpecialOutdoor: HDPE REC black
EasyLift unloading flap with tried-and-tested QuickSlide slide
closure, outer base perimeter 1.20 m x 1.20 m
any desired system height (recommended heights: 1.15 m or 2.30 m)
container body available in custom colours
numerous other options incl. document pouches, custom printing, etc.