Lid Designs and EasyLift Unloading Flap

For Stackable Bulk Products

The HeavyDuty Lid
OctaPack used with the HeavyDuty lid reliably supports stack loads of up to about 1000 kg in weight. It can be used in multiple-stack configurations, therefore reducing your storage space requirements by 50 % or more. When empty, the container can be collapsed and the lids nested in space-saving stacks.

For Safe Outdoor Storage

The SpecialOutdoor Lid
The SpecialOutdoor lid, designed to serve as an umbrella against rain, snow, hail etc., is a unique solution for optimum outdoor use. Used on the uppermost OctaPack layer in combination with HeavyDuty lids on the OctaPacks below, it permits weather-protected stacking in storage and/or transport.

For Reliable Protection

The BasicProtect Lid
The BasicProtect lid provides reliable protection against contamination and is optimally suited for indoor use, e.g. on line for filling by manufacturing machinery. Although OctaPack bins covered with BasicProtect lids cannot be stacked when filled, they can be stacked when empty to realize space savings. BasicProtect is the lightweight, sturdy and low-cost lid version.

For Convenient Unloading

The EasyLift Unloading Flap
This new and user-friendly unloading flap incorporates the QuickSlide closure lock and an interior anti-spill guard secured on both sides of the flap. The snap-closing action locks the closure positively and securely in position, preventing inadvertent opening or displacement and holding the unloading flap reliably in its closed position. Hook-and-loop fastener strips hold the flap in position when open on the outer surface of the enclosure. Opening and closing of the flap are greatly facilitated by its intermediate hinge. The result: controlled, fast and cost-efficient unloading of the bulk contents.