The Plastic Bulk Transport Container

OctaPack with its wide range of accessories sets new industry standards for bulk packaging. Combining the tried-and-tested advantages of TRIPLEX structured-core walls, an integrated twin-sheet pallet base and specially designed lids, OctaPack is a highly versatile problem solver. Special design features – such as the octagonal cross-section, sturdy injection-moulded pallet feet and receiving recesses in the HeavyDuty lid which mate to the feet of the container above – provide practically unlimited stackability even when loaded.

As a result, storage floor space requirements are reduced by 50 % or more. OctaPack is ideal for outdoor use as it securely protects its contents from inclement weather.

Even when used indoors and outdoors under the most demanding conditions, OctaPack performs reliably over a very long service lifetime. Due to its collapsible “M”-design and perfectly nesting base pallets and lids, OctaPack can be easily stowed and transported when empty with minimum space requirements.

Three types of lids are available for the OctaPack system. BasicProtect is the lightweight and easy-to-handle lid version made of nonbreakable polycarbonate. HeavyDuty is a heavier, sturdier lid made of high-impact HDPE required for secure stacking. SpecialOutdoor has sloped surfaces which provide reliable protection against the elements even under extreme outdoor conditions.

OctaPack & Co – The Problem Solver

The OctaPack system with HeavyDuty and SpecialOutdoor lids is an unbeatable combination for outdoor use. Utilizing the proven reliability of TRIPLEX structured-core panels and their outstanding weathering resistance, it is used with a conventional inliner only and does not require outside stretch-wrapping. In addition the HeavyDuty lid provides stackability and therefore storage space savings of 50 % or more.

Cardboard octabins are now a thing of the past.
OctaPack containers provide multiple stackability.

Download OctaPack Bulk Containers brochure [PDF]