OctaPack 2000

OctaPack 2000 is the specialist for transport and storage of bulk goods. OctaPack 2000, the new benchmark for bulk containers, provides you MORE value than ever before, more net weight capacity, more volume, more overall storage capacity and more reusability. This specialized bulk container is fully compatible with modern handling systems such as high-bay warehouses and roller conveyors. Providing a convincing array of benefits and options including the EasyLift unloading flap, OctaPack 2000 has been recognized quickly throughout the industry as a true all-rounder and as Number 1 in the field of stackable and reusable bulk containers.

OctaPack 2000 – Advantages at a Glance

Significant cost savings due to reusability
Suitable for heavy bulk products such as regrind materials, beads, pellets and foodstuffs
Substantially reduces storage floor space requirements
Long service life, many use cycles
Rugged, withstands rough treatment
Protects contents ideally from inclement weather
Various lid designs available
Integrated heavy-duty base pallet
Suitable for high-bay warehouses / roller conveyors


Download OctaPack 2000 brochure [PDF]