Operating as a family-managed company in Haiterbach in Germany’s famous Black Forest, we look to follow our successful track record to date and continue making our mark as a winner in our industry. With this in mind, we go about our work with a future-focused outlook and a constant commitment to steady expansion, enhanced value for our customers and responsible corporate management.

Brainstorming inspires the idea for TRIPLEX panels. Product development and design of production lines

Initial prototype fabrication and customer sampling of TRIPLEX products, investment in sleeve fabrication lines

Founding of TRIPLEX Kunststoffe GmbH, start of series production

TRIPLEX moves into new production plant and office building with combined floor space of 5000 m²

TRIPLEX Kunststoffe GmbH, Interplast Kunststoffe GmbH and Interplast Kunststoffe s.r.o., dimpled-sheet manufacturers with worldwide sales activities, combine to form the Infinex Group.

Founding of Infinex North America Corp., headquartered in Toronto / Canada, active in sales and warehousing of Infinex Group products.

TRIPLEX Kunststoffe GmbH invests in new high-capacity production line.